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Our technology

Accelerating research intelligence

Galactic AI™ is Biorelate's cloud-based supercomputing platform that is at the heart of all of our products and services.

Biorelate has built Galactic AI™ to auto-curate valuable biomedical data from any source of text.

Each text article runs through a series of deep learning and natural language processing software services that have been built to understand biomedical research. Millions of articles are routinely auto-curated in just under 6 hours.

illustration of data server




Annotated concepts




Hours spent

The magic behind Galactic AI™


Galactic AI™ auto-ingests millions of documents from a range of sources, live, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest developments.

Illustration of our sources of documents

Ontologies & vocabs

Galactic AI™ auto-annotates ‘concepts’ from a range of public and proprietary ontologies and vocabularies.

Illustration of our annotated concepts

Cause-and-effect interactions

Galactic AI™ follows industry standards to ensure your proprietary data is kept in a fully secure and private data store.

Example of our causal interaction snippet highlighting terms within a causal interaction between IL6 and STAT3

Get full and unrestricted access to all the data automatically curated by Galactic AI™.

"Biorelate allowed us to expand our knowledge specific to our pipeline."

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Dr. Ben Sidders
Associate Director, Oncology Informatics

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