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The most advanced data curation in biopharma

Galactic AI™ revolutionises the way we uncover connections between drugs, genes, and diseases by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual searches. This advanced technology effortlessly identifies and curates a list of cause-and-effect relationships that are directly relevant to your research goals.

Revolutionary Data Curation

A groundbreaking advancement in the field of biomedical data analysis

Galactic AI™ is renowned for its high accuracy in data curation, particularly in clarifying cause-and-effect relationships crucial to understanding biological processes.

Knowledge Graphs

Galactic AI™ transforms text analysis by curating millions of high-quality relationships, like cause-and-effect relationships, and billions of contextual data points, creating a leading-edge knowledge graph in biopharma.

Target Selection

Galactic AI™ revolutionises the discovery and prioritisation of innovative drug targets, offering unparalleled evidence to enable swift and well-informed decision-making.

of Action & Explainability

Galactic AI™ meticulously identifies and organises critical cause-and-effect relationships within the data, uncovering previously unrecognised connections among drugs, targets, and diseases.

Indication Expansion

Galactic AI™’s novel evidence gives you the best and most efficient understanding of indication expansion opportunities.

Biomarker Selection

Utilise Biorelate’s distinctive capabilities to identify biomarkers by accurately determining how molecules are anticipated to react when modulated by drugs in relation to their specific indications.

Knowledge Reviews

Galactic AI™ offers the latest, most comprehensive relevant information for efficient, high quality knowledge reviews.


The most comprehensive knowledge graph in biopharma

Galactic AI™ connects together causal insights from multiple sources and uncovers relationships not previously described in the literature.

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40 Million +

Documents Processed

Galactic AI™ processes journals, patents, clinical trials and many more sources (and can process in-house text).

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60 Million +

Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Relationships between concepts, such as cause-and-effect, are classified with directionality. All in context.

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2.7 Billion +

Cause-and-Effect Interaction Mentions in Context

Explainability and greater flexibility to refine your data with more contextual data points.


Customer testimonials

Our customers span globally recognised companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca as well as innovative drug discovery biotechs.

“The contextual data from Biorelate is critical to our efforts to embed knowledge graphs into the drug discovery pipeline.”

Dr. Ben Sidders

Director, Oncology Informatics - AstraZeneca

“Biorelate has been a game changer. The cutting-edge platform can make novel connections between bioactive molecules and disease to help biologists find hidden insights.”

Christopher J Nicholson

Head of Biology - Pepper Bio

“Biorelate has managed to provide a user-friendly tool to Idorsia scientists to cope with the massive amount of biomedical literature and more efficiently discover relevant aspects for our projects to speed up processes.”

Peter Groenen

Head of Translational Biomarkers - Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

“Biorelate’s NLP-derived contextual interaction data, combined with ETX’s proprietary databases, enables e-therapeutics’ approach to the modelling of complex biology and the use of those models for target identification and deconvolution."

Dr. Jonny Wray

Chief Technology Officer - e-Therapeutics

"Biorelate excel in customer service and their team were really responsive to our questions and always on hand to help us understand how to get the best value out of the platform"

Harpreet Saini

Head of Bioinformatics - Astex Pharmaceuticals

"The collaboration between Biorelate has been extremely productive and we look forward to working together on future developments."

Professor Ruth Roberts

‍Co-Founder and Director- Apconix


Find answers to frequently asked questions. Contact us at with any further questions about our solutions.

What is Galactic AI™?

Galactic AI™ is the powerhouse behind Biorelate's suite of products and services, representing the pinnacle of data curation technology in the biopharmaceutical sector.

How Does Galactic AI™ Enhance Research Capabilities?

Galactic AI™ revolutionises the way research questions are answered by illuminating the complex cause-and-effect relationships among genes, diseases, drugs, and various biological entities buried within the vast expanse of biomedical literature.

Who Benefits from Galactic AI™?

Galactic AI™ serves a diverse array of professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry, catering to the unique needs of individuals and organisations across the spectrum from leading multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca to dynamic small and medium-sized biotech firms.

Which Text Sources Can Be Curated?

Galactic AI™ is designed to be an expansive and versatile platform capable of curating a wide range of textual sources to support the diverse needs of the biopharmaceutical industry.

How Do I Access the Power of Galactic AI™?

Galactic AI™ offers several tailored access points to cater to different needs within the biopharmaceutical industry, ensuring that researchers, data scientists, and industry professionals can leverage its comprehensive data curation and analysis capabilities.

Galactic AI™ represents a quantum leap in the field of biomedical literature search and curation

By leveraging the power of Galactic AI™, researchers can accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation in the biomedical field, leading to breakthroughs in understanding, preventing, and treating diseases.