How Galactic can support same sentence searches

Ideal for: Analysing specific evidence, Precise searches, Investigating physiological area of a disease, Seeking out biomarkers, Researching co-occurrences


Pragmatic literature reviews are valuable tools to form the basis of a research project or initial scoping of a research area. In the age of big data these reviews can help sift through large volumes of articles to narrow down the focus of a project. However, to ensure the work is robust and relevant a ‘quick’ pragmatic review often becomes arduous, requiring checking of multiple sources and organising of data, even before starting the analysis.

Galactic can support quick pragmatic reviews to ensure they are robust and relevant. The technology enhances the search process by allowing you to adjust the review parameters in real-time and tailor the review to your needs based on its outputs. Galactic provides new ways of cutting and investigating the data, to unlock trends and relevant relationships between terms that may have been missed otherwise.

How–to : conduct a same sentence search

Galactic has developed and optimised the ‘same sentence’ search function which uses a finely tuned algorithm to detect articles which mentioned your selected search terms within the same sentence. Galactic ensures the most relevant articles are prioritised by ordering articles which mention both terms in prominent sentences first i.e. articles that include the terms within the title or within a sentence in the abstract would appear higher up the search results.

The same sentence search can be useful for a variety of scenarios such as: focusing on a particular symptom or physiology of a disease, seeking out biomarkers, further understanding a genetic mutation in a less familiar disease. The same sentence search function is applicable to concepts only. Concepts are all the terms and words included within the Biorelate curated ontologies, popular ontologies and vocabularies. Conducting a search using a concept means Galactic includes the relevant synonyms of that concept, eliminating the need for long complicated search queries and allowing you to be confident that all the nuances of nomenclature are included within your search.

To find out how to conduct a search between two terms within the same sentence click on the video below

Impact & Benefit


By using concepts from the range of robust and curated ontologies all the associated terms and synonyms are included in your search instead of using lengthy search sequences.


The same sentence search function acts as a window to scope out your selected search area not commonly available with other search engines. The same search functions allows you to uncover insights and to point your research and data analysis in a desired direction.


Same sentence search allows you to conduct an in-depth search of related terms which would take a long time manually, saving your time and resources to re-allocate to data analysis or essential project work.


Built in features to the Galactic interface such as the ‘read’ and ‘unread’ flags, bookmarking and search export features make it easy to use. The notifications feature allows you to stay up to date on relevant articles as they are published.

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