How Galactic can enhance your quick pragmatic literature reviews

Ideal for: Basic scientific research, compound screening, signalling pathways, drug discovery, biochemisty


Pragmatic literature reviews are valuable tools to form the basis of a research project or initial scoping of a research area. In the age of big data these reviews can help sift through large volumes of articles to narrow down the focus of a project. However, to ensure the work is robust and relevant a ‘quick’ pragmatic review often becomes arduous, requiring checking of multiple sources and organising of data, even before starting the analysis.

Galactic can support quick pragmatic reviews to ensure they are robust and relevant. The technology enhances the search process by allowing you to adjust the review parameters in real-time and tailor the review to your needs based on its outputs. Galactic provides new ways of cutting and investigating the data, to unlock trends and relevant relationships between terms that may have been missed otherwise.

How-to: Run a quick pragmatic literature review

Galactic technology has been refined over almost a decade to accelerate and strengthen quick pragmatic literature reviews. The technology uses sensitive natural language processing and deep learning, combined with high quality ontologies to ensure a thorough literature search. Popular ontologies and vocabularies, as well as those curated by Biorelate, have been adapted and edited to improve searches. This helps you get the insights you need, better, and faster, from your reviews.The interface allows you to easily select the parameters and scrutinise the results. Click on the video below to see an example of how to use Galactic to support with your pragmatic literature review.

Impact & Benefit


Providing data that has already been cleaned and organised into an easy to navigate structure allows you to save time and re-allocate resources to the data analysis or essential project work. Galactic enables literature reviews to be created in shorter time frames ensuring an accurate and up to date snapshot of available data.


Galactic includes articles from a wide range of sources, to ensure robust science to form the basis of pragmatic literature reviews.


The unique offering of Galactic curated ontologies and vocabularies allows you to explore the data and reveal different concepts remaining confident in the knowledge that Galactic has selected the most relevant concepts curated to your set of terms.


Built in features to the Galactic interface such as the ‘read’ and ‘unread’ flags, bookmarking and search export features make it is easy to use. The features allow tracking of articles to further enhance the quality and speed of developing your pragmatic literature review.

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