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Products & services

Biorelate has developed a range of highly personalised products and services that put your mission at the heart of what we do

Galactic Data

Data science

Explore over 6 billion novel biomedical datapoints, including cause-and-effect, to ensure your data science team have the full power to understand today's science.

Galactic Web

Deep literature search

Search the unsearchable across targets, therapies and landscapes in an easy-to-use interface.


Graph-like analysis

Find cause-and-effect relationships in a RESTful API
giving your team live access to new data as it emerges. 

Galactic Platform

Text processing

Galactic AI™ can be deployed internally to comply with rigorous industry security standards, tighten operationalization and extend customisation.

Professional services

Bespoke services

Uncover the missing evidence and bridge the gaps in your understanding of targets, mechanisms and indications to accelerate your unique clinical strategy.

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