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Galactic Data

Get direct fully provisioned access to all the data, including cause-and-effect, that is automatically curated by Galactic AI™.

Galactic Data gives you a great degree of novelty, currentness and flexibility against other curated data sources.

Knowledge graph building

Use millions of directed contextual cause-and-effect relationships to build functional knowledge graphs.

Billions of in-context data points

Dark cause-and-effect data

Causal inference friendly

Up to 95% precision

Sentence level granularity

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Drug discovery use cases

Galactic Data is perfectly suited to technical teams working on core drug discovery problems.

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Target selection

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Drug activity

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Safety and toxicology

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Single cell analysis

Data types

Galactic Data contains a wide range of relationships across the full spectrum of biomedical data locked within text:

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Cell surface expression

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Biomedical entity annotations

Find out how data science and computational biology teams are using Galactic Data to fuel discovery of the next generation of novel therapeutics.




Annotated Concepts


Cause-and-effect interactions

Get full and unrestricted access to all the data automatically curated by Galactic AI™.

"The partnership puts us at the cutting edge of AI research and application."

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Dr. Jonny Wray
Chief Technology Officer

Products & services

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