Our Story

Biorelate was founded in 2014 from cutting-edge scientific research into how biomedical curation can utilise existing dark knowledge to accelerate future drug discovery. Staying true to our roots, we have always believed that a better understanding of today’s science can bring forward the next generation of life-saving therapeutics being developed by world leading researchers.

As the incredible progress of scientific researchers continues to compound the huge volume of growing and evolving biomedical data, Biorelate’s mission has never been so important. Through our platform, Galactic AI™, we use artificial intelligence led curation to provide and enable the insights that matter to scientists and organisations developing the innovations of the future.

Our mission

To curate knowledge to advance the world’s most promising biomedical innovations.

Our board and advisors

photograph of daniel jamieson
CEO & Founder

Daniel Jamieson

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photograph of Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox

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photograph of gareth king

Gareth King

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Photograph of Gavin Bell

Gavin Bell

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Photograph of Ali Hassan

Dr Ali Hasan

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Photograph of David Bardsley

Dr David Bardsley

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Our team

Over 100 years of experience

We are an interdisciplinary team of PhDs, computer & data scientists, pharmaceutical scientists, and industry professionals all guided towards improving the utility of biomedical data in the development of life saving innovations.

photograph of daniel jamieson
Daniel Jamison
CEO & Founder
Darren Hoyland
Head of Engineering
Mark Hughes
Head of Business Development
Stephen Newhouse
Head of Professional Services

Our History


Company Founded

Manchester University PhD spinout after success working with Pfizer


Completed >10 Contracts

Customers include biotechs and pharmaceutical companies


Raised 750K Investment

Catapult Ventures, Maven Ventures & angel investors


Product Launch of Galactic AI™

Following a successful early-adopters phase


Supporting Researchers in COVID-19 Pandemic

Provided free registration of Galactic Web App

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