Meet Biorelate at The Festival of Genomics and Biodata 2024

Mira Nair

Meet Biorelate will be at the Festival of Genomics and Biodata, January 24-25th, 2024, London, speaking Weds Jan 24 at 12pm at the Live Lounge; We are also exhibiting at Booth # 115.

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Our talk will cover:

Cause-and-Effect to Empower Drug Discovery In A Generative AI World

  • Mining published biomedical research plays a crucial role in providing valuable knowledge for generating new hypotheses and enhancing drug discovery through explainability.
  • By incorporating cause-and-effect data into knowledge graphs, researchers can access unique insights that arise when data is aggregated in this manner.
  • The emergence of generative AI technologies has revolutionized the way we interact with data and explore its potential applications in drug discovery.
  • This talk aims to demonstrate the power of advanced cause-and-effect capturing methods, coupled with generative AI (genAI), in facilitating groundbreaking conclusions for drug discovery.
  • We believe that when combined together these technologies allow for more efficient and targeted experimentation, potentially accelerating the development of novel treatments and therapies

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