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Galactic Data features

Knowledge graph building

Use billions of in-context data points taken from more than 37.5M documents.
Biomedical literature curation
Cause-and-effect interactions
Annotated concepts
Biological entity types
Relationship properties

Target selection and validation

Assess potential targets based on over millions of directional cause-and-effect interactions derived automatically.
Biological processes
Protein interactions
Drug interactions
Anatomical granularity
Quality metrics

Biomarker analysis

Validate hundreds of thousands of documented biomarkers, including their purpose.
Biomarker identification
Condition identification
Biomarker categorisation
Direct textual evidence
Cause-and-effect linkage




Annotated concepts


Cause-and-effect interactions

"The partnership puts us at the cutting edge of AI research and application."

Dr. Jonny Wray
Chief Technology Officer

Galactic Data

Get full and unrestricted access to all the data automatically curated by Galactic AI™.
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Galactic Web features


Find the most relevant articles to your search and use relevant concepts to cut to the most important research.
Pragmatic reviews
Systematic reviews
Current awareness
Patent searching
Same sentence searching


Look beyond co-occurrence to find 36.5M cause-and-effect links in biomedicine.
Target analysis
Drug activity
GWAS verification
Biomarker analysis
Pathway analysis

Experts & Organisations

Identify and rank 16.4 million experts and organisations. Galactic AI™ is able to tell the difference between authors of the same name, to more accurately assert expertise.
Finding key opinion leaders
Competitive intelligence
Finding collaborators
Due diligence
Market research

Biomarkers (NEW)

Look for biomarkers for a specific disease and see which diseases are related to each other based on a given biomarker.
Biomarker categorisation
Condition Identification
Direct Textual Evidence

Cause-and-effect paths (NEW)

Discover how different sources and targets connect together across different cause-and-effect relationships
biomarker analysis
Target selection
Indication selection

How to

Find out some of the many ways you can use Galactic to help with your research.
Galactic Web

How Galactic can support same sentence searches

Galactic Web

How Galactic can support causal searches

Galactic Web

How Galactic can enhance your quick pragmatic literature reviews


Easy to get started

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Target identification

Validate target -disease linkage, establish differentiated efficacy and more to launch the right programs


Biomarker discovery

Establish and rank available and predictive biomarkers


Systematic literature review

Use the unrivalled power of Galactic AI™ to find and review hidden unsearchable data


Mechanism of action

Understand biological pathways in any context where no data otherwise exists


Competitive intelligence

Push forward your clinical strategy with hidden intelligence captured by Galactic AI™


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